Women’s Clothes C Finding The Best Design Only For Women

Women’s Clothes C Finding The Best Design Only For Women
Most of the time, there are women who gets a misconception about the clothes that they will wear. They would usually choose the wrong clothes and finally seeing not establishing the right look for them. Even if they would go for just the casual look, they will still have a hard time finding the right clothes that they should wear.

However, you may ask what makes it hard for them to choose the right clothes. If you will look at fashion today, a lot of clothes between men and women are already starting to look the same. This confuses women whether it’s okay for them to wear clothes that they may have almost the same design with what the men has. The good news is that designers have seen these changes when it comes to fashion and come up with designs for women’s clothes to look casual yet have their own personal style and look fabulous. The following are the ways how fashion has changed for these clothing and now also made available in wholesale clothing.

Shirts. There are now men who are not really fans of loose or urban clothing but would also like to have slim fit or body-hugging shirts even to the point that they may look a bit feminine. For women, they may choose the regular tops that are usually available in wholesale clothing. But this may make them look very conventional as men also have the same fashion. The best solutions that they can wear are the shirts that have a different design. For instance, they may choose the women’s shirts that have cut outs on the shoulder areas or get a long-sleeved shirts but with cut outs on the elbow area to help them achieve a more fabulous design. Aside from these, they can go opposite from what the men are doing. If the men are going slim fit, they can go loose on their shirts. They can have the shirts that start to be loose going down to the waist area. You can look at the shirts that women usually get from Wildfox Couture and other popular brands.

Jeans. Just like in tops, there are also some men who are wearing skinny jeans. So for women, it is better if they would get jeans from brands that make their jeans looking more unique than before. There are some women’s clothes designer that are putting different designs on pockets to make sure that it will give women a distinct look than what the guys have on their jeans. They can also find a lot of different designers that offer this design for women in order to give them the look that they want to have and feel confident about their clothing.

If you are a woman who has been having a hard time finding beautiful clothes for you, you just need to take note of these design ideas so you will find the right clothes for you. This will help you get attention from people and even make your own personal style.

Wholesale Clothes C Choosing Your Generic then Specific Fashion Style

Wholesale Clothes C Choosing Your Generic then Specific Fashion Style
People may want to have unique look that they can always flaunt in front of their friends or others. As you know, the clothes that you wear are enough to leave a good or positive impression. Most of the time, there are many people who may still be confused of their personal style but thanks to wholesale clothes, they offer them lots of clothes to experiment fashion at a more affordable price.

If you would also like to have a personal fashion statement, you may want to know the different categories so you will have generic options and then come up with your own personal style.

Formal clothing. These are the clothing that people who are in the corporate world. If you want to have this style, you can always wear suits or formal blazers so you will have the look that you need. Aside from suits, you can wear polo, slacks and formal shoes to look very formal. Preppy clothing can also be included on this type of style as long as they wear slacks and leather shoes, it will have the formal feel that will look good on offices and other corporate firms.

Smart casual. This can be considered as easy and breezy formal wholesale fashion these days especially if a person would like to look a little formal without getting too strict about this fashion. This style will be perfect for both men and women. If you like this fashion, you can always pair a good polo shirt with jeans and leather shoes. You will see a lot of young professionals who now wear this type of style wen they will have informal meetings with their clients. Aside from meetings, this is considered as the casual fashion worn by people who are prominent in the corporate world. Although polo is the main itme used for this type of style, even preppy tops can be worn on this fashion as long as they will not use slacks as their jeans.

Casual and street fashion. This is considered the daily clothing worn by people. The wholesale clothes used on this fashion style can be affected with the latest casual wholesale fashion. For example, there are some tops that are popular within on collection then designers will release the next fashion trend after some time. There are some on the other hand who would like to divert to what the latest trend is setting and give themselves a unique look. For instance, there are now some people who would like to make emo style as their daily and casual fashion statement. This will definitely make a person look their best and even establish a look for themselves.

These are just the fashion style you can choose from in general. You can choose whether you are more of the formal fashion and then choose from a lot of options under it. This will make you have the look that you want and really make it speak for what your preferences are.

Different types of women handbags with stylish clothes make you

Different types of women handbags with stylish clothes make you unique in summer
Summer is a time for women to make themselves beauty. With so many colorful clothes, stylish shoes, designed Women Handbags, all of those are women’s favourite. Each detail to make them beauty is a difficult project for them. Such as women handbags, it seems simple, but with different clothes, each women should at least own more than one different types of handbags.

It is confused by men-why women love handbags? It seems impossible to slove this problem, but after interview some ladies and summary what they said, we know the reason. Handbags finish the look of every outfit. As a matter of fact, the amount of things a woman carries along with her, goes on to let us in on her character and reveals a whole lot of things about her; the same way her outfit gives away her feelings and personality. Whether you are going for an urban chic look, or a girlie girl look, there is a bag out there to suit you. They also ooze confidence and a woman with a stylish handbag generally sends out a confident message. The most wonderful of colours and styles are on offer for handbags. They are available in so many wonderful styles that they draw the opposite person’s eyes to them right away. They are the best ways to get attention to women.

However, men’s problem has sloved, women’s confuse has decovered. How to match with their clothes? Which one is really suit for them? It seem that famous brand can suit for everyone, but it is not ture. There are handbags that one can get to match one’s personality perfectly. The perfect handbag could be matched according to the body shape. Handbags that showcase your image perfectly mean you’re getting the best of handbags.

Handbags can be matched according to the event or celebration that you are going to attend. Formal handbags can help you carry all of your important papers and the ones for wedding and special parties can match those occasions too.

After having kept all of these things in mind, you will certainly end up getting the right handbag from the vast collection of colours, styles and materials to get the perfect handbag by your side. The most popular handbags are the ones made of leather.

However, a handbag is not just for fashion purposes. A lot of them are an absolute must for business women. They have to be able to carry important files, make-up and all the latest business tech stuff, which means that the handbag has to be practical! This has led to a huge range of stylish yet practical bags by top designers such as Louis Vuitton Handbags, Prada, and Gucci bags.

Women all seek for Louis Vuitton handbags. They trade owning Louis Vuitton handbags is their status symbol. But designers of Louis Vuitton handbags showed that different types of Louis Vuitton handbags are suit for different occasions. Like Elegant classic LV bag is the best choice for professional women in this summer. wearing a fashionable shirt, a Slim skirt, pull a classic bags with traditional logo, luxury and fashion elements are perfectly temperament to your expression. If your LV bags are matched with one of the most popular belt this summer, the trend is even more flavor to your dress uniform.

Also Elegant lady is the unique charm of oriental women, retro new LV bags launched by LV official website this year are especially for a little woman.Whether you dress up with elegant coat and trousers, shirt and skirt, or self-cultivation, with the classic LV.

So even your closet is full of women bags, it is not satisfied. Just one show your personality is best, not the price. No matter Cheap Bags or expensive bags, a bag just designed for you is best.

Use Wireless Internet To Do Your Clothes Shopping

Use Wireless Internet To Do Your Clothes Shopping
Some people absolutely relish going shopping for clothes. For these lucky few, shopping is an activity of pleasure, something they do on a social occasion with girlfriends. When they find something that fits well, it feels like a personal triumph, and making the purchase can give them a high that lingers for hours. But for others, clothing is simply a necessary evil designed to cover their bodies and keep them warm. It is expensive, and shopping for these folks can be slightly more pleasant than a nasty hangover or a bout of the stomach flu. Malls are crowded, the stores are hot and over-heated, and the bright fluorescent lights can be migraine-inducing.

If you are in the latter category, then the brand new world of online shopping made possible by wireless Internet is like a godsend. Instead of spending hours in the mall only to end up exhausted and empty-handed, you can simply get online with your 4G phone and make your purchases. Here are some ways that online shopping has made your life easier.

1. You can go to all of the stores you want with the click of the mouse.

Say you are looking for a dress to wear to your cousin’s wedding. Maybe you have two or three stand-by stores that you frequent because they always have your size, their styles suit your taste, and C most importantly C their offerings are in your price range. Two of the stores are located in a mall in Yakima that is about a 20 minute drive from your house, while your favorite of the three is in a shopping district downtown. Which do you go to? Do you drive to the two less-exciting stores, or spend an hour on public transportation to get to your favorite one? With wireless Internet, you no longer have to make that choice.

2. You can try on the clothing in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to not having to drive to a shopping mall in Wichita Falls, the clothing will be shipped straight to your house. This means that you will not have to deal with an aggressive sales assistant who is working on commission. You can also see if the item goes well with other pieces in your wardrobe. This is especially useful if you are looking for something like a pair of dress slacks to pair with your button-up shirts or blouses. Instead of having to imagine whether or not they will work together, now you will know.

3. You can take advantage of an easy return policy.

Most online stores allow you to return the clothing you do not want through the mail. Certain services, like the online shoe store Zappos, even allow you to keep the items for as long as you would like, and give you self-addressed packaging to make the returns when you are ready. This means that you will actually return what you do not want, instead of getting too lazy to drive back to the store and ending up keeping things that you will never wear.

Essential Pointers Before You Start Your Wholesale Clothes Business

Essential Pointers Before You Start Your Wholesale Clothes Business
Do you have plans of starting your own wholesale clothes business? Then you must be ready of all the mighty challenges that might come your way. It is not as easy as you expect it to be all the time for there are lots of serious decision making processes that you need to face ahead. So here are some key pointers that you should consider if you are really decided already on building your wholesale clothes business.

First thing you should consider is experience and of course vast knowledge on your endeavor. This is one secret to any kind of business, whether it is deeply involved in fashion or not. Even if many people are saying that it is the most convenient type of business to accomplish, it still demands the right set of knowledge and skills to get things going despite the tough times. So how do you get this experience? It is gained by starting small before you even attempt to handle a bigger type of business.

Second, you must learn how to communicate well with your potential clients. This means that you must constantly seek ways on how your clients can come to you and make deals with your business. But this could really be tough and hence it is important that you maintain the initial sets of clients that you make as you start your business. Build a loyalty program if you must and attend a lot of events where you can meet new people.

One good example of these would be the conventions and seminars for entrepreneurs. Such gatherings are very popular with businesses especially if you want to learn a lot from those who are already experienced in the business. Lastly, you should have the strategic location for your business. This will allow your clients to reach you with utmost ease.

A&F clothing size and mix – you for what type

A&F clothing size and mix – you for what type of clothes to wear
Beautiful clothes everyone likes, but not every piece of beautiful clothes for you. In addition to pay attention to color clothes, clothing, etc. with, but also need to pay attention to the harmony degree and size. Curve based on changes in the human body, reached the following basic shape:
1, Standard
Oriental women, 162 cm, neck, shoulders, torso, chest, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks and legs so the meat side, must have a perfect ratio. This standard size is perfect to wear any style abercrombie clothing are nice, but with this size of a 10% chance. Most of us belong to the following five, these are the people who really need clothing design.
2, gourd-type
In short, the same figure as the gourd, chest, buttocks plump smooth, thin waist, curvy, very sexy. This body of women wearing low-fit collar, tight waist of abercrombie clothes or character skirt, soft material to close better. Large gourd-type body if wear loose clothing, and charm will stand ,But if not satisfied with this figure, you can wear dresses or long straight type system to cover the curve of the waist too small.
3, players’ type
Slim, medium or small breasts, buttocks thin flat, not the fat side of the abdomen and thighs. This body is easier to wear abercrombie and fitch clothes, but still must pay attention to this body type should avoid low-waist trousers or tights, flowing gown for comfort, pleated, loose dress, loose pleated anf so on.
4, pear-type
Upper body, shoulders, chest, thin, lower body the abdomen, hips mast, shaped like a pear. As the abdomen than the mast, often will be increased waist, upper body appear shorter. This is more suitable to wear loose dresses and fitch clothing, so to avoid the attention of the waist. Then coat should be loose, try to cover the hips, pleated trousers can be accompanied by generous to beautify the body. Avoid tight pants, wide belts, kilt, or a thin plait.
5, leg bag
There are many side hip and thigh fat, looks like the next to hang up in the thigh as the two bags. This body very sensitive to tight-fitting pants, because that would disadvantage will be at a glance. Should wear the color Shao An easy style of pleating fitch clothes or trousers, so that you can try to focus on the upper body, wearing colorful scarves and other decorative objects. In addition, knee boots, tight, big plaid, thick horizontal stripes or behind bags of imported leg trousers are the taboo body bag.
6, Jiao small
There are a considerable number of Oriental women of small stature was Johnson, that stands in 155CM or less, the tender by the length restrictions of small people, clothes can change the range is relatively small. Best dressed towards clean, simple, straight lines of the design. Vertical lines of the cheap abercrombie, straight trousers system, from head to toe wearing the same color family or plain clothes, will fit small people make Johnson seem easy and natural. But at the same time large-scale prints taboo material, thick cloth, too many colors, baggy clothes, the big lotus, pants and other clothing.

Show Your Sexy Side with Latex Clothes

Show Your Sexy Side with Latex Clothes
Latex clothes have become a new fashion trend in the market. For people who want to buy seductive attire to enhance their sex appeal, this kind of clothing should be an ideal choice. Latex clothes come in many different styles and thickness. When it comes to choosing a color for your latex wear, black, white and red are standard options.

Latex can be employed in almost all types of body wear, like bodysuits, shirts, dresses, hoods, skirts, catsuits, pants, stockings and gloves. Latex clothing is designed tightly to fit just a second skin. Latex is a semi-transparent rubber, so garments that are made from this material make people appear alluring. Traditionally worn at fetish clubs, this kind of suit has become a popular fetish item for today’ s generation. Here are are some popular varieties of latex clothes.

Latex catsuits are one of the most sought-after items in the market. They feature one-piece design and skin-tight fitting. Both men and women can wear this type of latex clothing to help them attract the most attention. However, they are more commonly worn by women from a sexual fetish point of view.

Latex hoods, also called gimp masks, are a bondage gear that provides a rigid and tight fitting over the head or face area. They are able to reduce noise made by the wearer appropriately. If you want to conceal your identity at play parties, you can pick a full faced hoods. Of course, open faced latex hoods are also available if you want to show your good looking face.

Latex bodysuit also sells well in the market. This kind of garment usually covers up the torso and features sleeves and snaps at the crotch. It provides a smooth line when worn at the top. Another feature of latex bodysuit is that it can hardly untucked from your skirts or trousers. For many women, this latex wear can be used as lingerie or foundation garments.

Nowadays, latex clothes are made from beautiful sheets of latex in order to give the material a slick look. They are stitched and also generally glued along its seams. You need to take good care of your latex clothing ad its material is relatively weak. Once it is torn, you can repair it with materials like those offered in a bicycle repair kit but it will look less attractive than the original one. The shiny appearance of your latex clothes can be preserved for a long time once they are polished properly.

Islamic Clothes for Women Combine Dignity with Style

Islamic Clothes for Women Combine Dignity with Style
The common misconception is that Islamic clothes for women are based on old-fashioned’ principles. The truth is that Islamic clothing, while being necessarily modest,’ does not need to sacrifice elegance, dignity and style. While traditional approaches to such clothing might have actually added to this perception, there are a host of new styles and designs that actually combine contemporary benefits with traditional values. Muslim women today have a range of never-before options, where they can get traditional apparel within easy reach.

Islamic Clothes for Women: Who, What, Where?

Thanks to the Internet, there are a host of online stores that have sprung up catering to niche categories of customers, and Islamic clothes for women are no exception. Take EastEssence.com for example. This online store offers a range of traditional wear that includes:

Furthermore, the range is not just limited to women’s clothes. You will also find clothing for men and children, school uniforms for girls and boys, and even options such as custom sizes that are tailored to your specifications, such as length.

Islamic Clothes for Women: Advantage Online

Online stores can also prove to be a money saving option. Such outlets do not require the maintenance of a physical presence in the market, in terms of an actual shop. This enables them to avoid a number of costs and overheads. Such cost savings are usually channelled back to the customers in terms of discounts and special offers.

Niche websites, such as those who offer Islamic clothes for women, need to constantly increase their customer base in order to sustain themselves. To attract and increase customer reach, almost all websites have some form of discount or special offer ongoing.

Yoga Clothes from Tribal Earth

Yoga Clothes from Tribal Earth
Yoga is an exercise regime that involves lots of stretching. This means you will find comfortable, flexible clothes much easier to move around in and perform your stretches when you are in a yoga lesson. There are no set clothes you have to wear in yoga lessons and this will be a matter of personal preference. However tight trousers such as jeans and other thick, stiff materials could restrict your movements and make yoga lessons uncomfortable.

Thin Layers

Yoga is not a passive exercise regime and as you move through routines you will start to get hotter as your muscles warm up and your circulation increases. It is a good idea to dress in thin layers so you can peel some clothing off once you start to warm up.

Baggy Clothes

Baggy clothes can not be as comfortable as you might think might think for yoga. If you are performing a difficult stretch baggy clothes can bunch up and prevent you from moving around easily. Also if you need to invert your body baggy clothes can ride up and cause you to accidentally flash the rest of your class! It is best to look for closer fitting clothing like flexible leggings, shorts or yoga pants and a vest top. These allow you greater freedom of movement but will remain firmly in place whilst you are working through your routines. Form fitting clothes also allow your teacher to easily check that your body is aligned correctly during stretches. You could always throw a baggy t-shirt over form fitting clothes if this makes you feel more comfortable. If this rides up you will have your vest and leggings to protect your modesty.

Tight Clothes

You wouldn’t wear tight, restrictive clothes if you were at an aerobic class and the same applies for yoga. Tight clothes will feel very uncomfortable when you are trying to stretch out and could impede on your breathing and circulation. Yoga is about improving the flow of energy around your body not restricting it, so make sure your clothes are not too tight and uncomfortable.


Yoga is traditionally performed in bare feet, but for hygienic reasons many people opt for special yoga socks or slippers. These are designed to give you more grip as well when you are performing your routines. Some yoga teachers may insist on bare feet though so it is important to check this before you attend the lesson.


You should take off jewellery when you are taking part in yoga lessons. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings can get tangled up and impede your movements whilst you are stretching. You should also pin back your hair to keep it out of the way if it is long.

Organic Fabrics

In keeping with the holistic ethics of yoga you may choose to wear clothes made from organic fabrics when you are practising your routines. Natural fabrics also allow the skin to breathe more easily and help to prevent you from getting too hot.

Sir Paul Smith ‘It’s clothes I love, not fashion’

Sir Paul Smith ‘It’s clothes I love, not fashion’
Sir Paul Smith leans his long, lean frame against the back of the chair, granite brows sinking into a frown, and exhales slowly. London Fashion Week is over for another six months, leaving Britain’s most successful designer free to get back to the serious business of making clothes.

“I’ve always preferred the creative process of designing and selling clothes to the idea of putting on a poncey fashion show,” the 63-year-old explains, his dandyish coiffure at odds with his hearty Nottingham accent. “It would be wonderful if fashion shows died out completely. They’re so time-consuming and costly.”

It is an idea that would devastate lesser designers. “It’s their 15 minutes of fame: pure, self-indulgent theatre. How many girls were there this year in horns or neck braces with bare breasts? It wouldn’t matter if they didn’t take it all so seriously, but the fashion world is a dangerous, superficial and fickle place.”

Sir Paul built his global brand, which boasts an annual turnover of 346 million, without resorting to any gimmickry. He lured in the men first with his “classic with a twist” concept C or “Savile Row meets Mr Bean”, as he puts it: serious-looking suits with a lime-green trim or a flashy lining, and plain white shirts with his signature candy-striped motif beneath the cuffs. Since 1998, Sir Paul has been winning over women with his quirky separates, and tailored skirt and trouser suits. Seemingly impervious to the recession, the brand has doubled its turnover in the past five years, posting a 15 per cent rise in profits to 150 million in 2008.

“I was given a fantastic grounding at Balmain and Yves Saint Laurent’s couture shows in Paris when I was just starting out,” he says. “It was all about proportion and tailoring, something I’ve held dear ever since. So many brands are too conscious of what everybody else is doing. I like to get my inspiration elsewhere: from exhibitions, books, or even a stained-glass window.”

Sir Paul’s spring/summer 2010 collection bears testament to those multifarious influences. Inspired by The Gentlemen of Bacongo, a book by photographer Daniele Tamagni that celebrates the style of a group of young Congolese men and women during the post-colonial Sixties, the collection C all pinks, oranges and reds against earthy tones of black, taupe and ochre C hints at a change of direction. Moving away from traditional tailoring, he has chosen jersey bandeaus, designed to be wrapped closely around the body and worn with voluminous printed voile skirts that billow out above the knee. On the runway last month, Sir Paul had the models in plaited top knots and wired wooden beads to complete the look: “I loved the feminine silhouette all that wrapping around creates,” he smiles.